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Supported by a Schenectady County Arts & Culture Grant


Dive into an evening where Broadway-style melodies unfold live on stage, guided by your ideas. ‘Spontaneous Broadway’ is the comedy musical where every show is a world premiere. Don’t miss your chance to play a role!

Spontaneous Broadway ™ was created by Kat Koppett in association with Freestyle Repertory Theatre Co. 


TheaterWeek Magazine named Kat Koppett one of the year's "Unsung Heroes" for her creation of Spontaneous Broadway, which is now performed all over the world.


ACT ONE: a backer’s audition* with a twist: this year, renowned producer Mick Treadwell has received so much GREAT material he is stumped. Which show should he bring to Broadway?


What really happens:

During Act I of the show, audience members suggest song titles, and our improvisers use those suggestions to create numbers from musicals that have not yet been written. The audience invests/votes, with the checks provided, on their favorite show.


ACT TWO: Opening night of (the winning show) at the Treadwell Theatre on Broadway. You, the backers, are the honored guests, and the improvisors turn the winning number into a full musical, complete with costumes, sets, props, dances, and a reprise of the made-up musical number that inspired the show.



Backer's Auditions: Finding the Money (


“…In the end it all comes down to money. The best script and most exciting score won't get anywhere until someone raises the millions of dollars required to make a show happen. As Max Bialystock puts it in The Producers, "Can't produce play without checkee." For better or worse, Bialystock's battalion of wealthy, lonely little old ladies don't exist (and never did). Producers have to work like hell to raise a few million…It now takes teams of producers to find enough investors. The Broadway version of The Producers (2001) had eight individual producers plus two multi-producer groups. Hadestown (2019) required more than 40 producers.


Each producer raises a percentage of the necessary cash, often holding parties where potential investors can hear highlights of the new musical performed by…probable cast members. This process can take months or even years, and there is no guarantee sufficient funds will ever be raised…”

But in THIS world, of Spontaneous Broadway, there is only one producer, and one set of generous investors: YOU, the valued guests at tonight’s show.

The Mop & Bucket Company, the group that gave our company its name and still our flagship performance group, started in 1995. Now the Capital Region's premier hub for all things improv, we offer classes, shows, and special events out of an old firehouse turned theater in Schenectady, NY.  

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